The Cloud Sales Opportunity

Why voice resellers should now be delivering IT services from the Cloud
There are so many reasons….mainly it revolves around better margins, lower cost of sale, lower cost of management and maintenance, lower running cost, easier deployment….

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Headset trends

What are the trends in the market?
General market trends are pretty consistent in our experience – we continue to see steady but limited demand, maybe one user in twenty will request a headset in average traffic environments. However, heavier traffic results in higher proportionate demand.

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Happy 30th Birthday Channel

The channel is 30 years old this year and to mark the occasion we are carrying a feature on events surrounding the dawn of the channel we now all work in. In particular we would like to hear from people that were there when it started to find out what it was really like at the time.
For instance:

1. What were you doing and what were you selling?
“I started in telecommunications with BT in 1988 – I had one of the first new-livery grey Austin Maestros and I was allowed to take it home! Those were the days…..”

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