Hosted (VoIP) Telephony

Hosted (VoIP) Telephony

With innovation comes change. Utilising new technology we are able to routinely offer savings in excess of 40% on the overall cost of a replacement telephone system, with guaranteed call Quality of Service supported by our money-back guarantee.

Resources such as Microsoft Office 365, and web-based back office systems for CRM and Accounts are bringing the power of the “Cloud” into sharp focus for Business Customers, as many services can be accessed over the public Internet instead of via servers in the customer premises.

Hosted (VoIP) Telephony Network

This delivers a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and telephony services are increasingly available this way too.

Internet-based Hosted Telephone Systems (often referred to as Hosted PABX or IP PBX) are sufficient for the micro-business (under 5 users) but for larger installations where guaranteed Quality of Service is required, a telephone system has to be fully managed end-to-end. Hosted PABXs which are Internet-based cannot offer this Quality of Service guarantee, as the Internet is not designed to sustain high volumes of simultaneous phone calls.

We understand the importance of maintaining the Quality of Service, Security and Reliability that business customers expect when replacing their telephone system. For that reason, our Eloquence Hosted PABX service is delivered to the customer premises (CPE) via two resilient connections. This is a guaranteed private circuit, which prevents any part of the call traversing the public Internet, resulting in a fully inclusive Service Level Agreement (SLA) engineered into the Eloquence Hosted PABX service.

The Eloquence PABX itself is deployed in a High Availability (HA) architecture across mirrored servers hosted in our London Docklands Data Centres. The system supports all the standard voice mail, auto attendant and general system feature set, and can be upgraded for full ACD and call centre functionality, reporting and wallboards if required. There is also a “drag-and-drop” Windows Operator Console (WOC) as well as call-centre supervisor and agent management software.

The telephones are manufactured for the UK market by Aastra, and fully compliant with open SIP standards. The overall Service Level Agreement guarantees Quality of Service end-to-end, with a minimum annual availability guarantee of 99.9%.

  • To be in the UK in a BT broadband area
  • You do not need any existing infrastructure. We deliver everything you need as part of the overall managed service.
  • You do not need to change your existing Internet Service unless you want to.
  • Scaleable solution from 8 to 1000 telephones across one or many locations.
  • Retain existing telephone numbers from all major carriers anywhere in the UK.
  • Service Level Agreement with minimum 99.9% per annum guaranteed availability.
  • Guaranteed Call Quality, Security and Reliability.
  • Ultra Low-cost VoIP call tariffs.
  • No setup charges for hardware and installation.
  • Two connections, one main and one backup, into the Eloquence platform.
  • Select from our range of Executive, Handsfree and Headset Compatible desk phones.
  • Full PABX functionality with Direct Dial Inwards to each extension, Caller ID, conference calling, messages or music on hold, voicemail and multi-level automated attendant options plus much more.
  • Fixed Price Calls with our prepay call bundle options.
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