ISDN Replacement

ISDN Replacement

Utilising new technology, Stripe 21 are able to routinely offer Business Customers savings in excess of 40% on their overall ISDN telephone bill, with guaranteed Quality of Service underpinned by our money-back guarantee.

We understand the importance of maintaining the Quality of Service, Security and Reliability that business customers require. For that reason, our ISDN services are engineered to a dual-redundant, resilient design as standard and available only as a managed service with a fully inclusive Service Level Agreement (SLA).

ISDN Replacement

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) was first introduced in the UK in 1986 as a pilot technology by BT. ISDN brought digital communications to the UK and eventually across Europe, and supported new features for the convenience of the user. These included Inbound Caller Line Identity, Outbound Caller ID, and Direct Dial Inwards to each extension on an office telephone system (PABX). The digital call quality was a crystal clear improvement compared to analogue, and call setup was almost instantaneous after dialling the last digit.

The initial adoption of ISDN was relatively slow due to the immense technological uplift required to convert BT’s 5,000 mainly analogue exchanges to digital. However, as this rollout gathered pace in the early 1990s, ISDN became the technology of choice for an increasing number of voice and data applications.

This was prior to the widespread adoption of TCP/IP as a common routing protocol and pre-dated the Internet, which was still primarily a US military network dating back to 1968. So ISDN was a great way to transmit data, as well as voice, between sites of a multi-site company. This also fuelled the growth of video-conferencing platforms, where both voice and data were required to work on demand, simultaneously, whilst connecting to different destinations as required.

Delivered in two interface types, ISDN30e for the larger enterprise and ISDN2e for the small business, there are thousands of telephone systems across the UK still utilising this legacy technology which we will continue to support for years to come.

  • A desire to save 40% on your lines and calls.
  • Any ISDN2e or ISDN30e compatible business telephone system which currently has a legacy ISDN service connected to it.
  • This may be from BT or another provider. Your phone bill will not always itemise what the service is, but there will be a rental price and a price for calls.
  • Average 40% saving on your telephone bills.
  • Free of Charge Bill Analysis if required.
  • Keep the same telephone numbers.
  • No up-front installation charges.
  • Guaranteed fully managed resilient ISDN service.

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