Westminster Grant

Would your business benefit from faster, better broadband?

Stripe 21 is an Internet Service Provider registered for the Connect Westminster scheme, meaning we can offer your business up-to £2000 off Ultrafast Gigabit internet

This scheme is available on a first come first served basis, act now to secure your grant!

What's included:

- Up to £2,000 of grant funding available from Westminster City Council
- Ultrafast Fibre Internet on GigE connection
- Optional Managed Watchguard Firewall “in the cloud” to keep you secure
- Optional Watchguard Feature Pack for traffic management and internet access control.
- Cisco Enhanced Security managed router
- Utilisation trend reporting 24x7x365
- Remote Diagnostics for rapid fault response via Network Operation Centre
- Fixed public IP address range
- Multi-tenancy configuration option for shared connectivity

ISDN Replacement

Better faster broadband would enable your business too:

- Grow and access new markets through better communication with customers and suppliers
- Increase resilience in a Disaster Recovery scenario through fast, secure back-up of data
- Increase your productivity, whilst attracting and retaining the best staff
- Improve customer service by sending or uploading large files quickly and reliably
- Increase your bottom line by improving your customer satisfaction ratings
- Future-proof your business to equip you with the digital challenges of tomorrow.

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