Stripe 21 is a Business Communications Service Provider, focussed on virtualisation to reduce carbon footprint. We virtualise business IT, internet and telephone services, to eliminate hardware replacement wherever possible. For example, our cloud telephony platform can support physical phones on the desk, pure soft-phones on mobile and desktop devices, or a “hybrid” combination of both.

Some clients have simply downloaded their new office phone system onto desktop and mobile devices they already own. Elimination of hardware means elimination of the cost, and carbon footprint, created in purchasing, manufacturing and powering on-premises systems. We also offer internet connectivity fire-walled in the cloud on a dedicated virtual firewall, so no need for the supply, installation and management of on-premises firewalls.

These are just a couple of examples of how our virtualisation technology is changing the business communications landscape. Using virtualisation to drive down costs and complexity, we are aiming to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of business communications