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Contact Centres

Multi-Media Contact Centre in the Cloud for Inbound and Outbound Voice, Email, SMS and Social Media Campaigns

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Hosted Inbound Contact Centre and Outbound Dialler with Synergy (Call Scripter) and Multi-Media Integration

Callmedia is a complete contact centre management system designed to enable contact centre managers to get the best out of their people while meeting service levels for their customers.

Callmedia was designed from the ground up to be a multimedia contact centre solution, managing not only telephone calls but emails, web requests, mobile text messaging, social and other media. Its design is based on the very best of modern contact centre philosophy and it has been architected to be extremely resilient and scalable. This is a media independent advanced routing engine which provides sophisticated skills-based routing, priority escalation (tasks can be set to become more urgent as they queue, at a rate of your choosing to meet and adhere to SLA levels), dynamic skill expansion additional groups of agents can be skilled in a queue when it hits certain thresholds such as wait times over x seconds) and database-based routing (routing decisions can be made based on looking up information about the caller in an external database).

The solution will provide a single Task Allocation Engine capable of routing the following media types:

  • Inbound Voice calls
  • Outbound Voice Calls (preview, progressive or predictive autodialler)
  • Email / Fax
  • SMS
  • Web Call back requests
  • Web Chat
  • Ad-hoc inbound and outbound calls
  • Ad-hoc administrative tasks
  • 3rd Party tasks (with integration)


Eloquence Inbound Agent Management

There is a growing market requirement to audit inbound and outbound telephone calls, some examples include customer support departments or ticket booking departments. This includes the ability to review inbound call traffic against business sales targets and contracted customer service levels, as well as the ability to add and remove agents from the group on demand. The agents may be located anywhere including home workers and mobile agents, but they still need to be tracked, monitored and included in the reporting. This requires call centre reporting and routing functionality to be layered over a standard telephony platform, whether it is provided as new or an existing system.

The Eloquence Hosted IP Call Centre Overlay is designed with High Availability engineered into the managed service to exceed 99.9% availability. Standard package includes:

  • Capacity for concurrent calls (i.e. secure SIP trunk ports) is included in the turn-key package and allows up to 100% burst over the number of concurrent licensed agents.
  • Cisco fully-managed SIP connectivity with guaranteed Quality of Service
  • Licenses are per concurrent user, not restricted to a specific user.
  • Full Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – longest waiting call to longest idle extension (Eloquence IP PBX only)
  • Eloquence Orderly Queue Call Centre Statistics Management package
  • Hosted Wall Board accessible from any BYOD over the Internet.
  • Secure SSL certificated login key



Inbound agent management report

Inclusive online wallboard

Outbound agent management report

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